Privately Owned

Equity&Super is one of only a handful of privately owned wealth management companies in Australia with the full capability of traditional stockbroking firms. Our business model is straightforward, we align our objectives solely with those of our clients.

Proactive Service

Equity&Super proactively manages investments though a combination of disciplined strategies and personalised service. We pride ourselves on accessibility and have maintained thoughtful growth, expanding organically to preserve our heritage of highly personalised solutions and service.


Equity&Super’s founders have been providing specialist advice in direct equities and wealth management for Self Managed Super Funds since 2001.

Modern Approach

Investing in technology to improve our clients’ portfolio and advisory experience.

Open Source Research

We seek insight from multiple resources and actively pursue opportunities to enhance research inputs. Taking a consensus approach using comparative analytics is extremely powerful in generating risk adjusted returns and growing your wealth.


The security of your assets is paramount. No priority ranks higher than ensuring we work with industry leading counter-parties for our clients.

Equity&Super best serves clients who:

  • Expect personalised and detailed service
  • Seek informed and objective counsel
  • Require smart solutions to wealth management
  • Look to build their investment knowledge
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