Equity&Super was established to provide a flexible and responsive asset management service for private clients. With 18 years’ experience working with some of the largest companies in the Australian finance industry, Executive Director Simon Cunnington felt it was time to use that experience and knowledge to create a specialist company with an investor focus.

Equity&Super concentrates its attention on the investment needs of self managed superannuation funds, individual investors and charitable organisations. The specialist team at Equity&Super firmly believes that a boutique company can be more nimble and responsive when it comes to providing active portfolio advice and service.

We operate on the following principles:

  • Integrity- We measure success by the quality of our clients’ experience.
  • Service- We pride ourselves on accessibility and have maintained thoughtful growth, expanding organically to preserve our heritage of highly personalised solutions and service.
  • Disciplined- We use methodical process management to align our clients’ investment goals.
  • Transparency- Our investment strategies are straightforward and explainable. You always deserve a clear understanding of your investment teams’ processes and strategy.
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