Private Client Wealth Management

Equity&Super provides specialist advice in the areas traditionally covered by Australian stockbroking firms. We believe the role of direct investments in our clients long term wealth plan is still the most transparent, cost effective and flexible way for people to grow their wealth.

Equity&Super specialises in:

  • Australian Direct Equities
  • ASX Listed Hybrids
  • Exchange Traded Funds and
  • Specialist Managed Funds
  • International Shares
  • ETF Model Portfolios
  • Cash Products & Term Deposits
Self Managed Superfund Specialist

Our clients benefit from over 15 years of experience in managing the portfolio needs of Self Managed Superannuation Funds. We fundamentally believe the long term goals of our clients should always remain a personal focus, and much of the “noise” of the modern market is little more than a distraction to growing and protecting wealth. We nurture the gravity of this responsibility and deliver accordingly.

Asset Allocation & Wealth Protection

The importance of having the right Asset Allocation remains the cornerstone of successful investing. We work with our clients in making sure their portfolios remain well positioned to their long term goals, with the starting point for all our advice based on risk management. We are acutely aware of our clients’ short and long term goals, and dynamically manage risk within this context. Successful investing is about generating risk adjusted returns, because returns alone only tells part of the performance story. If your advisers are not protecting you from over valued assets, then they are not managing your capital from market excesses.

Equities Portfolio Design & Co-Management

Our experience in designing and managing sound portfolios for clients through market cycles is centred on the end client, not any external corporate agenda. This combined with our disciplined review process and open architecture research model, provides a compelling alternative to traditional stockbroking firms.

The idea of co-management encompasses our desire to collaborate with our clients’ ideas and experiences, we do not work in isolation. Equity&Super will also work with your external trusted advisers being accountants, bankers, financial planners and lawyers, in providing a customised private wealth management service. We respect the different specialists that a client has involved in their lives, and take a collaborative approach with them.

Generational Wealth Strategies

Equity&Super has extensive experience in assisting with the changing affairs of families, and oversight of generational wealth transition. The stewardship and mentoring we can provide to the next generation or a spouse ensures a smooth transfer of investment wealth, and provides a trusted investment partner for the future.

Medical Wealth Group

Equity&Super has extensive experience providing specialist wealth management services and advice to medical & dental professionals. This expertise sees our clients benefit from tailored advice that is based on objective counsel, not products. For too long the medical community has been targeted by organisations selling short sighted financial products, and not sound advice.

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